Finishing Options


Folding saves you time and money, its takes an extra day for us to fold your print job for you but will probably save you days of laborious hand folding. We use MBO and Stahl folders which means every single fold is 100% square.


Creasing is completed using a Heidelberg press with over 4 tonnes of pressure applied to each individual piece of paper. Its takes an extra day to complete creasing on your job. All creased jobs are supplied to you packed flat.

Creasing & Folding

A double process where a job is printed on a thicker card and to reduce cracking on the spine of the fold we sometimes recommend creasing and folding. It adds another day to delivery and is delivered folded.


Perforating is great for detachable forms and for tear off strips, we use a Heidelberg press which applies 4 tonnes of pressure to a serrated forme. Perforating does add a day to your turnaround. All perforated jobs are delivered flat.


If you need to track your print or if you need to distribute it in specific amounts numbering is for you. We use either a numbering unit on-press or print your job digitally to number your job. It will add another day to your turnaround.


Need a hole in your printing? Perhaps for a tag, or for attaching a product, no problem! We can drill your printing for you. It'll take an extra day and will be delivered flat.